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Intro to G3 series reactive target

Take your firearm training to the next level

Your ability to react instinctively in a hostile scenario is directly correlated to the quality of your training. 

Don’t leave your safety up to chance, invest in equipment that will prove an effective training experience 

immediate visual feedback


Train with confidence, confirm your shot placement in real-time and eliminate post target inspection. 


The life-size, 3-D torso supports both conditioned response and situational awareness



Our target platform is not only light weight, durable, and mobile system, it allows for close proximity training.

Tactical firearm  TRAININg

With four color options available, our targets can be dressed and used in tandem as threat and none threat variants in virtually any tactical firearm training scenario.

G3 Timer Wolf_Add 1.5.jpg


(Gen 3) is our signature series reactive firearm target designed to take your firearm training to the next level. Although paper and steel targets will always have a place on the range, Ikarda systems reactive targets address key factors within tactical firearm training and competitive shooting applications. 


Disposable inserts represent target vitals and deploy a highly visible, none toxic powder immediately upon impact "keeping you on your sights and in the fight". Both head and center-mass inserts contain a color specific powder element to contrast vital zones.


The G3 inserts have been designed to withstand 200-300 rounds, once exhausted, simply replace them with a new set. Click here to learn more.


The humanoid torso improves conditioned response and shot placement which paper and steel targets cannot replicate. Each chassis weighs  only 8 lbs, can withstand well over 5000 rounds of combined 9mm and 5.56 nato, and is available in 4 color options.

Target SUPPORT posts

target support posts allow for quick assembly and hold the chassis stable and upright through tension with minimal risk of ricochet during close quarters training.


Our two-part steel support stand with powder coat finish are included in the G3 kit and can also be purchased separately. Support stands are compatible with all Ikarda Systems targets. 


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